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Charter Bus Rentals Available Near Allentown, PA

Serving the Entire Tri-State Area


Epic Tours offers a unique and exciting way to explore. As a premier charter bus company, we provide top-notch transportation services for various travel needs. With our large fleet of comfortable and stylish charter bus rentals, we ensure that every journey is safe, convenient, and memorable. Choosing a charter bus from Epic Tours has numerous benefits that make it the ultimate way to travel.

Comfort and Style


We design our bus rentals to provide comfortable seating, making long journeys more enjoyable. With spacious legroom and reclining seats, passengers can relax and unwind during the trip. The buses also have large windows to allow for scenic views along the way, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Extensive Coverage


Another great aspect of Epic Tours is our extensive coverage across the tri-state area. Whether you are planning a road trip or a tour of major cities in the area, we have you covered. Our buses service various destinations, from popular tourist spots to remote locations, offering a convenient and hassle-free way to travel. This allows travelers to create customized itineraries and explore different areas without worrying about transportation logistics.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Drivers


Epic Tours takes great pride in our team of experienced and knowledgeable drivers. They have extensive knowledge of the routes and destinations they service. This ensures that passengers are in safe hands throughout the journey. Additionally, our drivers are friendly and accommodating, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere on board.

High-Quality Service


Beyond our drivers, our entire company provides the exceptional service you deserve from start to finish. Our office staff will ensure that you receive prompt and courteous service, making sure that all of your travel needs are met. Our nightly cleaning crew will ensure that your vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. And, of course, our on-site mechanics ensure that all vehicles are properly maintained and inspected.

Cost-Effective Option


Choosing a charter bus from Epic Tours is also a cost-effective option for group travel. Instead of booking multiple flights or renting multiple cars, a charter bus can accommodate a large group of people at once. This not only saves money but also reduces the overall carbon footprint by cutting down on individual transportation methods.

Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, family vacation, or school trip, choosing a charter bus from Epic Tours near Allentown, PA, is the perfect way to travel. So sit back, relax, and let Epic Tours take care of all your transportation needs as you embark on your next epic adventure.

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At Epic Tours we offer a variety of services to accomodate all of your transportation needs.

  • Small and Large Groups

  • Motorcoach Charters

  • Senior Groups

  • School Groups & Youth Organizations

  • Corporate Events

  • Sightseeing Tours

  • A Night On The Town

  • Weddings

  • Proms

  • Universities

  • Sporting Events

  • Specialized Tours

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